Information About Us

Salva Segura, SL And stores Andijor

  Factory and Jewelry store.

  Established in 1990.

   The firm Salva Segura (Andijor jewelers), marked by jeweler experience in its third generation,

rooted in traditional Valencian artwork and cutting edge design changes

its facilities to provide greater coverage and better service to its

customers and adapting to new technological changes.

From today you can find us at:

Calle Arzobispo Fuero, 52 

46110 Godella  (Valencia)


Or you can contact us through mobile

+34 96 363 01 01

+34 96 363 02 02


The company Salva Segura (Andijor shops), has been engaged in the production and distribution solitaire rings, wedding rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, key chains, etc.

  All made in gold or sterling silver.

  One of the most striking symbols of the company, are the exclusive jewelry created by skilled craftsmen with the finest materials. His designs combined with diamonds and precious stones of different sizes gives it a unique style defined with the elegance that characterizes the brand "Legant".

  Another important pillars are gold medals, in which an exclusive customized recording mode is the most valued image of the client

  The combination of various materials such as metals and hardwoods, have led to a beautiful finish worthy of a gem as have their trophies and commemorative articles over more than a decade have taken place.

  The signature designs are created to approach each customer tastes has therefore arisen Atika collection in which dominates the colors and shapes of his youthful and cheerful jewelery.

The incomparable perfection of a gem, its smooth lines, its beauty and comfort to wear it, can only be in perfect harmony to be created by professional artisans hands

The combination of young designers and highly skilled professionals with extensive industry experience, make this a company with a high level of performance, which contrasts to turn their innovative designs and quality in own work and in the made to order. For this reason many companies from different sectors to think of us when it comes to the details, because the advertising a business conducted tastefully fine materials becomes a nonperishable advertising.